72% of patients feel ignored by the pharmaceutical industry.

Should patients simply accept this, or is it time we asked for pharma to listen?

For too long now Pharmaceutical companies and Payers have had closed conversations without listening to how patients actually feel about their products.

DrugsDisclosed understand patients are the real experts when it comes to how we feel about the medicines we take; we know patients can deliver valuable insight when it comes to finding the truth behind the medical products taken by half of the global population.

That’s why it’s important when reading material from the pharmaceutical companies behind your medications to look for the “We Hear You” badges in all their communication.

This badge shows to you that the company behind your medication is actively listening to you, the patient; the expert. They have access to listen to the insights gathered from users of the DrugStars app. It is these insights we use here on DrugsDisclosed.com and it is these insights that can help make better, safer, even cheaper products for us all.

The more of you that look for the badge, ask for the badge and respect the badge the more pharmaceutical companies will value listening to their patients. These are new times, this is a new possibility for Pharmaceutical companies, a possibility that can help us all.

We would also like to thank the pharmaceutical companies that pay for access to these valuable insights, firstly to thank them for listening to you the patients; but secondly to thank them for paying for these insights. It is these payments that allow us to convert charitable donations made inside the DrugStars app into cash donations for the over 240 patient charities and organisations already available inside the app.