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The following results on this page are based on 1750 unique reviews from patients using the DrugStars app. These DrugStars users have given a Medicine Experience and Attitude (MEA) score of 64.6 in the range of -100 to +100 for Bricanyl Syrup To see how the MEA Score is calculated click here.

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We asked patients how effective they found this medicine.

(1746 respondents)


Extremely effective (38%)
Very (42%)
Somewhat (14%)
Slightly (4%)
Very little effective (2%)

We asked patients how bothered they were by side effects with this medicine.

(1750 respondents)


Not at all bothered (60%)
Slightly (25%)
Somewhat (11%)
Very (3%)
Extremely bothered (1%)

We asked patients how often they took this medication as prescribed.

(1750 respondents)


All the time (47%)
Most of the time (19%)
Often (13%)
Sometimes (20%)
Never (1%)

We asked patients how difficult they found it to take this medicine as prescribed.

(1750 respondents)


Not at all difficult (86%)
Slightly (9%)
Somewhat (3%)
Very (1%)
Extremely difficult (1%)

We asked patients how confident they felt about taking this medicine.

(1750 respondents)


Extremely confident (55%)
Very (33%)
Somewhat (10%)
Slightly (2%)
Not at all confident (0%)

We asked patients how necessary they find this medicine.

(1688 respondents)


Extremely necessary (51%)
Very (32%)
Somewhat (12%)
Slightly (4%)
Not at all necessary (1%)

We asked patients how often they forget to take this medicine at the right time.

(1422 respondents)


Never (55%)
Rarely (27%)
Sometimes (13%)
Often (3%)
Almost all the time (2%)

We asked patients to what extent they felt the benefits outweighed any disadvantages of this medicine.

(1634 respondents)


Extremely (52%)
Large (29%)
Moderate (13%)
Small (3%)
Not at all (4%)

We asked patients how satisfied they were with the information and guidance received along with this medicine.

(1634 respondents)


Very satisfied (54%)
Satisfied (27%)
Neither dissatisfied nor satisfied (14%)
Dissatisfied (3%)
Very dissatisfied (2%)

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Review recap

DrugsDisclosed has gathered medical insights from 1750 real-world patients taking Bricanyl Syrup. These patients are from different countries, lifestyles and healthcare systems, their unifying characteristic is the medicine they take.

1746 patients who were using Bricanyl Syrup were asked how effective they found their medicine. 80% were very positive about Bricanyl Syrup answering that they were very / extremely effective, however 14% felt Bricanyl Syrup was only somewhat effective. Unfortunately 6% of the patients asked felt Bricanyl Syrup had only a slight or very little effect for them.

We asked 1750 patients taking Bricanyl Syrup how bothered they were by side effects from taking Bricanyl Syrup? Of those asked 85% reported that they were not at all or only slightly bothered by any side effects, while 11% of those asked reported feeling somewhat bothered. Meaning that sadly 4% of patients using Bricanyl Syrup felt very or extremely bothered by the side effects of taking Bricanyl Syrup.

We recently asked 1750 patients who reported taking Bricanyl Syrup how often they took it as prescribed? While 66% told us they never, or only sometimes forgot to take it on time, 13% said that they often forgot to take their Bricanyl Syrup as prescribed. Sadly 21% forgot to take them all the time. Taking medication as prescribed by your doctor is so important. If you have difficulty, or know someone who does, feel free to try DrugStars a free app to help you remembering your medication.

1750 patients using Bricanyl Syrup were asked how difficult they found it to take their medicine as prescribed? There are several reasons why it can be difficult for a patient to take their medication as prescribed. Luckily 95% of those asked felt that they found it not at all or only somewhat difficult to take their Bricanyl Syrup as prescribed by their doctor, 3% felt they found taking Bricanyl Syrup very difficult. Leaving 2% who felt it extremely difficult for them to take Bricanyl Syrup.

In a recent patient survey, we asked 1750 patients how confident they felt about taking Bricanyl Syrup? 88% felt either very or extremely confident when it came to taking Bricanyl Syrup. while 10% responded that they were only slightly confident leaving 2% of the patients we asked responded feeling only slightly confident when taking Bricanyl Syrup.

When asking 1688 patients how necessary they found taking their medication. 83% said they felt taking Bricanyl Syrup to be very or extremely necessary. 12% said they felt Bricanyl Syrup to be only somewhat necessary for them. Finally 5% of patients taking Bricanyl Syrup found it only slightly or even not at all necessary for them.

1422 patients were recently asked how often they forgot to take their medication? 82% of those asked never or rarely forgot their medication, while 13% of those taking Bricanyl Syrup reported that they sometimes forgot. This left 5% of patients sadly reporting that they often or almost all the time forgot to take their medication. If you also forget your medication try using DrugStars to help you remember.

When we asked 1634 patients to what extent they felt that the benefits of their medicine outweighed its disadvantages a group of 81% of them replied that they felt to a large or even extreme extent that the advantages of taking Bricanyl Syrup outweighed any disadvantages. 13% of the patients however felt this to a moderate extent leaving 6% who felt this was true to only a small extent or even felt not at all.

When asking 1634 patients taking Bricanyl Syrup if they were satisfied with the information and guidance they received with their medication. 81% of them answered that they were very satisfied or satisfied while, 14% of were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. That left 5% of patients feeling either dissatisfied or worse of all very dissatisfied when it came to the information and guidance they received with their Bricanyl Syrup.


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